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Gathering Grounds invites YOU to interview a friend or family member of your parents’/grandparents’ generations. In order to participate link to the interview guide in English or na našem jeziku, or download the guides in English or na naš jezik. Follow the interview and submission guidelines. If you have questions, please contact us at

submission guidelines

with your last name as the subject-heading, email the following to

Cover sheet with:

Your interview subject’s name

Your name

Location of recording (e.g. city/town, residence/cafe/park)

Audio clip length (in minute:second format, eg. 12:32)

# of images submitted

Submit the interview in MP3 format 

If you need to convert from other format eg .WMA, .m4a, follow this link to a list of free MP3 conversion programs:

Label your file as follows:

Interview subject name_date of interview (eg Month Day Year)_your name


Hana Lukačević_01012021_Amira Lukačević

Submit images as jpegs, format file size to between 500-750KB 

Label your image(s) as follows:

Interview subject name_descriptor_number in total photos submitted (if more than one)


Hana Lukačević_sipping and talking_03