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Hatidža Prijedor (Miljakovci) b. 1948, lives in Chicago. Her mom taught her how to make coffee when she was 8-9 years old. Interview by Adela.

“So what did you guys talk about, what did you discuss, your life, about what happened?”

Adela: So when you started making coffee, did you do it often, or how was it, sometimes?

Hatidza: Well, more often when you get tired and coffee hits the spot.

Adela: When you worked before the war, did you drink coffee at work, with your coworkers?

Hatidza: We did, with the workers, right, we had a cafeteria downstairs, and we were brewing and drinking coffee, all of us.

Adela: Did you have breakfast together like that, all together? 

Hatidza: Right have breakfast, and around 11 a break, I mean when you get to work at 7, coffee, and later 10, coffee again, and then when they go home, no coffee, twice.

Adela: Okay. So what would you talk about, what would you during….

Hatidza: Well, everyone has their own story.

Adela: And when you were spending time together, did you talk about….?

Hatidza: Well, everyone has their story, let’s say, of course that we spent time together, we were very very kind, we were like a family, my company was really like a family.

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